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Why Us Instead of Them?

Motor City Center for Hope (MCCH) is the preferred counseling center in Detroit offering individual, group, family therapy, life coaching and anger management classes with immediate appointments available. MCCH specializes in behavioral and mental health counseling for issues

ranging from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia and PTSD. We treat almost everything, and our clients see results with our evidence-based practices.

Unlike a Community Mental Health, Motor City Center for Hope's intake process to receive therapy or counseling services is very short and simple. We provide a Consent for Treatment and obtain signature prior to beginning the counseling process. We also must let you know about our Privacy Practices. If there is anyone you would like to have involved in your therapy, we will have you sign a release authorizing communication. After those simple task, we dig right in and explore your concerns and begin

the counseling process during that very first appointment. 

Tired of waiting for hours for your counseling appointment because other therapists are double and triple booked? Are you looking for a therapist in Detroit who knows your time is important? We pride ourselves

on seeing all counseling appointments as scheduled. To date, nobody has ever even waited 2 minutes beyond their scheduled time. There is no double or triple booking. We space appointments out to ensure no wait time whatsoever. This also ensures you have the full concentration of the therapist during your counseling session as she has no reason to rush. Can your local Community Mental Health say that? Schedule your first appointment now.

At Motor City Center for Hope, you will never be forced to receive

counseling services you do not need nor want. If you only want anger management, come just for anger management. If you only want therapy or counseling one time a month, come one time a month. You are in charge of your therapy -- not a case manager or office administrator. You're the boss!

MCCH accepts most insurance plans and also offers online scheduling so you can book your appointment yourself 24/7. If you would like to confirm insurance coverage or have us schedule your appointment for you, please call 313-694-3886

Trying to Find a Therapist or Find a Counselor in Detroit who is Professional and Experienced? MCCH is Your Answer! We offer Counseling, Therapy, Anger Management & Life Coaching in Detroit by Professional and Experienced Clinicians. 

At Motor City Center for Hope (MCCH), we are focused on providing the best counseling services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations and stand above the rest - we strive to be the best, not only in Detroit but in the entire tri-county area. With a variety of services to choose from, including but not limited to individual counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy, life coaching, and anger management classes, we're confident that you'll be happy working with us and will soon begin to feel hopeful again. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to call/text us at 313-208-3407 or schedule your first appointment online now