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Family Counseling - Detroit, MI

For many people, their family is the most important thing in their life. It could be a family created by marriage, by love, by blood, or simply by time spent together. At Motor City Center for Hope, we welcome all family systems -- the so called "traditional" families (married couple consisting of one male and one female and typically a couple kids and maybe even a dog). As well as the modern, ever changing new families (unmarried single moms, single fathers, grandparents raising grandchildren, same sex couples, etc). Everyone is welcome here for Family Therapy!

Regardless of how you consider family, the bottom line is all family systems can encounter struggles at one point or another and all families would likely benefit from family counseling at one point or another. At Motor City Center for Hope, we offer family therapy for the married and the unmarried, parent(s) with child(ren), long term friendships, extended families, and even business partners who are struggling to work together effectively. Our primary goal is to help your family system, however you define it, thrive and survive despite any obstacles it might encounter.

Call us at 313-208-3407 or use our scheduling page to book your family counseling appointment today.