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Mental Health Outpatient Therapy Services - Detroit

Are you tired of spending all day at a Community Mental Health (CMH) just to see your therapist?

If you want real counseling services in Detroit for your mental health needs, call Motor City Center for Hope and we'll get you scheduled immediately and you'll never have to wait in a crowded lobby or deal with double and triple bookings. You have the right to get therapy at a real therapy clinic with skilled and professional clinicians.

The founder of Motor City Center for Hope has many years experience treating mental illness and she is passionate about recovery. If you're living with Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression or PTSD and want to recover, call us today. We accept most insurance plans, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid Meridian, Molina, Priority Health, Value Options, Total Health and Blue Cross Complete.

We understand that living with mental illness is a struggle, and we know that one 20 minute therapy session monthly is not going to help you recover. We offer therapy based upon each individual's need, but most participate in 60 minute therapy sessions weekly as we've found that to be most beneficial to long term success.

Mental Illness is real, but so is recovery. Call us today for all your mental health counseling needs. 313-208-3407.